Culture factory


Tvornica Kulture is a polyvalent plant for the production of various program contents, which consists of two separate spaces that in theory can "produce" and function separately or, if necessary, be merged into one whole.

With the new renovation, Tvornica Kulture is becoming the most technically and production-wise equipped club in Croatia, and in the opinion of the profession, the best space for sound quality due to its insulation and trapezoidal shape of the hall.

The new equipment of the Factory (loudspeaker and lighting) was selected on the principle of meeting the needs of most "riders" of large foreign contractors for this type of space, as well as the most demanding events. Refreshing the interior in the manner of industrial style puts the Factory among the most desirable spaces for organizing events in the region in line with the world's leading production trends in interiors of related design.

The iron construction network with the original cranes of the former TV studio is one of the most special roofs of the event space. Lighting fixtures are perfectly positioned from it, decorative and scenographic elements are lowered. Light masters use it as their creative field creating a unique interior atmosphere.

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Culture factory

Šubićeva 2

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Matina Tenžera

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