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The park on Trešnjevački trg before it was renovated in November 2014 and renamed Zvonimir Milčec Park [GP 2013]

At the very beginning of the planned development of Trešnjevka, in the Second Regulatory Basis of the City of Zagreb from 1887, a square was planned on the site of today's Trešnjevka Square, then still called "Trg U", at the intersection of roads leading through an uninhabited area called Tratina. comes the name Tratinska cesta).

Around 1920, the settlement of Trešnjevka began and in the period between 1920 and 1930, "godmothers" gathered informally on the site of the then planned "Square U" and offered their agricultural products to the inhabitants of the then rapidly growing neighborhood – these were the beginnings of today's market.

Over time, the park in the center of the square was arranged (which is still very similar to the original appearance), in 1935 a tram passed over the square, in 1937 the church of Sv. Josip at the beginning of Trakošćanska (the bell tower was added only in 1997), and the oldest building on the market, the fish market, built of green stone from Medvednica, dates from that time.

In the 1940s, the Jelenovac and Kuniščak streams still flow across the square, and contemporaries remember that bushes grew next to them, which passers-by used as a place of emergency, while on the corner of Nova cesta and the square, exactly in the same place as today. , gathered by wood vendors and sawmills. After the Second World War, the architect Antolić worked on the project of the Press House, which would be located at the end of Krapinska Street and thus give the square a recognizable view, as Medvednica with the ruins of Medvedgrad has offered a visual finish to Nova cesta since time immemorial.

In 1959, the Nama department store was built on a part of the hitherto unused land that belonged to the church.

After that time, there were no major changes in the area of the square, the market changed its shape and layout of points of sale, its extensions appeared in the direction of Dobojska Street and Šetalište Jurija Gagarina, parking lots were added on the corridor of Ulica grada Vukovara…

Trešnjevački plac

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