Very Chic Café


You have probably all heard more or less about the Rockstar nightclub located in Preradovićeva Street, regardless of whether you have ever visited it. Well, this space got its gentle sister – Très Chic Cafè!

The owner Matija Sindičić in Vlaška 101 has opened a day oasis which, we believe, will be gladly visited by all who hold to the vibe provided by a space. No matter what you order – hot or cold drink, your eyes will rest with your soul.

The interior is carefully and meaningfully decorated clean so you have to go back several times to get to the end of it exploring. A billion details and carefully selected furniture give this seemingly ordinary cafe a real home vibe.

A vibe that cheers up the street!

Very Chic Café

Vlaška 101

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510