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We are Terrible Creations, a creative team of role-playing game designers, and we want to offer you a unique and unrepeatable adventure.

We have been working together as a team since 2014, and in 2017 we founded a company of the same name. So far, our games have served as a team building and incentive program, warm-up and a prize for hacking, a birthday present and an introduction to unforgettable girls' evenings…

We led them for individuals, companies and institutions, children and adults, outdoors and indoors, in our playroom in Podolje 10 in Zagreb and in numerous locations in Croatia and abroad, in classrooms, halls, hotels, cafes, forts and castles. On one occasion even in – the train.

Among the users of our services so far, among others, were Podravka, Nanobit, Business Intelligence, Omega Software, Confucius Institute, University of Zagreb, Dubrovnik Travel, Adacta, 12 Yards Productions, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, Tourist Board of Novska…

This is just a small overview of what we can offer you.

Never before have you heard of role-playing games, let alone participated in any of them? No problem! You will get everything you need for the game from us.

You will get everything you need for the game in advance. We will explain the rules and mechanics we use, as well as the rules of conduct, answer questions and have a one-on-one conversation with each player. As a rule, we participate in our games, so you can contact us for help at any time during the game.


We write, run and play board games that belong to the genus LARP games, which is an abbreviation for Live Action Role Playing. They are played in real time and space, live, in direct interaction with other players. In other words, imagine that you have stepped into a movie scene or entered a theatrical play.

You are not a passive audience, you are already actively participating, and it depends on your words, decisions and actions how the story will get tangled and unraveled. You don't have to know how to act or memorize the text. You will invent everything on the go, according to the rules and guidelines we will give you before the game.

Who can play? Well, practically anyone. Yes, you too. There are limitations, of course. Not all themes that appear in games, for example, are suitable for all ages. Most of our games are for people over the age of 18, but we also have games for teens as well as children ages five to nine.

Terrible Creations

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