Tirena Theater


Tirena is a theater for children and youth, a drama studio and a drama-pedagogical education center. The Tirena Theater has existed since 1997 and is the first theater in Croatia to do interactive performances in which the audience actively participates by solving problem situations and determining the further course of action. Tirena's interactive theater projects have reached over 90 schools and 15,000 students throughout Croatia. The topics covered in the projects were different: ecology and care for the environment, peer violence, addictions, sex education, life values, tolerance. So far, 34 plays have been staged in Tirena, mostly authorial texts by young Croatian writers. In Tirena's drama there are 16 drama groups with about two hundred participants, from preschoolers to students. Through drama, they prepare for inclusion in the world of adults and get acquainted with the art of drama. Since the summer of 2004, Tirena has been continuously holding the Theater Camp in Pazin and during the year it organizes various theater workshops. Three collections of plays for children and young people were printed in the Tirena Library – "Maštoplov" (2002), "Panic in Strahograd" (2005) and "Chaos before the premiere" (2014).

Tirena Theater

Kačićeva 6a

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Matina Tenžera

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