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1997/98 seasons little of this was recorded under catharsis items. While unofficial totalitarianism flourished outside, one small play succeeded, which many heroes did not. Wherever she played she made people jump to their feet. The two of them, Gordana Gadžić and Ivica Vidović, an old mirror and leading Rundek's song (We are against the oppressors / And their helpers / Legionnaires and fascists / Ay, Carme la / Ay, Carmela), weaved a gentle resistance movement. The play "Ay, Carmela" by JS Sinesterre, under the discreet directorial vigil of Robert Raponja, officially launched the Rugantino Theater – a modest theater base from which Gadžić and Vidović set out on an open-air uncompromising stance on the hard tanning of morals and humanity. In his 17 years of existence so far, like a teenager, Rugantino continues to walk a thorny path, guided by ideals and the belief that theater is changing the world. And, after all, if one of the 17 plays produced in 17 years and more than 1000 performances has changed even one spectator, then there is no doubt – Rugantino has already accomplished his mission. Working with established and celebrated artists – from directors, playwrights, through actors and musicians to photographers, designers and costume designers, as well as engaging young hopefuls has guaranteed the once small theater regional success. Today we are not small; each of the numerous guest appearances in the country and abroad, every comment of the audience that cannot remain silent on our performances made us a giant. Keep listening to our footsteps across the mountains and the sea.

Rugantino Theater

Tomašićeva 14

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Matina Tenžera

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