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Studio Smijeha is the first Croatian and regional stand-up comedy club

On a daily basis, it offers top-notch entertainment in the form of stand-up comedy (whether professional or amateur, foreign or domestic), improvisational comedy and other content such as themed parties or an all-day chill out atmosphere at the club’s café.

The club was officially opened on April 1, 2011, but even before that Studio Smijeha was a center for fun activities, performances, socializing…

Since the very founding of the Studio Smijeha team, some members and from the very beginning of the stand up comedy scene ten years ago, they have been constantly working on building the Croatian stand up comedy scene and developing domestic stand up comedians. Permanent members of the Studio have so far visited more than 50 cities and towns in Croatia, more than 20 cities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia, performed in London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Sofia, participated in numerous entertainment festivals in the country and abroad, assisted in humanitarian actions, guested on major local TV stations, and even appeared in acting engagements in popular Croatian series.

But the Studio team doesn’t stop there. With large projects such as the Stand Up Comedy Festival “Punch” held every year in Zagreb since 2009, in Zadar in 2010 and 2011, in Labin in 2012 or the “Stand up Cromedy show” tour, the members of the Studio raise public awareness about stand up and they provide many audiences with unforgettable evenings full of laughter.

In parallel with the opening of the club, cooperation with the Serbian stand up comedy scene is started, which is still regular today, and after some time of cooperation, the team realizes that humor is a great weapon to combat prejudice and starts doing such projects. The first in a series is a festival called "Revolution of Balkan Consciousness" in which comedians from all over the region perform. This was followed by the project "KAJ BRE" which breaks the prejudices of relations between Croatia and Serbia, then "LAUGH OUT PROUD" for breaking homophobia, then "FEMME FRONTAL" for sensitizing feminism.

Ticket reservations and info on buying online tickets:

Reservations by phone are possible between 14:00 and 21:00.


The box office is open every day when there are performances from 7pm to 9pm, except Sundays and Mondays.

Laughter studio

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