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SC has been a creator and organizer of cultural activities since its beginnings and has been permanently, continuously and responsibly at the service of students. The offer consisted of content and forms of cultural, artistic, entertainment, educational, informative and spiritual character. Theater, fine arts, music, film art, multimedia, publishing, various informative media and contents, spiritual contents, etc. are in the range of offers for students, Zagreb youth and citizens.

SC was certainly the most productive house of cultural events in Croatia . It is a cultural center, a center of multicultural and interactive activities and significance that is not often encountered in Europe. An alternative, conceptual, new wave… art was born here and found its home. Therefore, in the life of the capital, once a republic, and today a Croatian state, SC has secured for itself a high, perhaps leading place as a creator and organizer of cultural events.

As cultural and artistic expression in the SC has long been alive, uninterrupted and regularly held, thus the institutionalization of cultural and artistic expression has been achieved. Institutions have been created, some of which have long been recognized outside the Republic of Croatia. These are Theater & TD , SC Gallery, SC Cinema , Music Salon , MM Center , SKUC, etc. Could we skip the forum "5 minutes after 8" , magazines "Reason" , "Teku" , Gordogan , SC Gallery Newspaper, etc. Z-3 and Radio 101 , national events Days of Croatian Film and Passion Heritage , contemporary projects of Culture of Change have their birthplace in SC. Some of these units have long since become recognizable not only nationally.

Oppositional, alternative and unconventional significance in SC culture throughout the period of its existence must be emphasized. As a driver of urban culture not only students but also the entire alternative scene of Zagreb and Croatia (eg Reason, Teka, student forum, Animated Film Festival, Music Biennale, conceptual art, new wave scene, theater workshops, Youth / Radio 101, OTV, collaboration with Student list, Polet and in other fields of activity) symbolized the resistance of young people not only to cultural, but also to political dogmatism, monolithism and unanimity. In addition to the Catholic Church, this was a central place, a major secular center of spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and political resistance, and occasionally rebellion, of ubiquitous and omnipotent dogmatism, unitarism, and totalitarianism in society.

Important features of culture, ie overall cultural activities of SC are: modernity, liberalization and institutionalization of culture within SC, openness, questionability, interdisciplinarity, courage, laboratory, novum, installation of new, alternative, border issues, professional, paraprofessional and amateur work.

During the implementation of programs, projects and overall activities, SC has achieved a rich and diverse cooperation with the University of Zagreb, Student Centers in the country and abroad, the city of Zagreb, state institutions, business entities, individual foreign institutions. Cooperation has been established with numerous institutions in the city, in Croatia, in the former state. In addition, abroad, on the European and even the world scene, but also at the level. Therefore, the results in the field of culture and art, despite the ever-current lack of money, are enormous, and in this sense he has made a significant contribution to the University, the city of Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia and the nation. This is especially true for Theater & TD, SC Gallery, MMC. We will not exaggerate if we say that, in spite of omissions, failures and shortcomings, its numerous results are of international significance and significance. Due to the total yield of SC, especially in the field of culture and due to the Zagreb Choir / Fair, which was new at the time, the address Savska 25 is well called by the connoisseurs of this area "archeology of modernity".

Does SC culture have its own identity? Yes, there is! It is certainly recognizable, student and research, which is the common denominator of the overall cultural offer and realization. However, SC culture is characterized by scattered, multiple, polycentric identities with respect to different arts and their derived, and long-established institutions (Teatar & TD, GSC, MMC ().

SC is at the same time a living monument, but also a modern workshop and laboratory of student standards in Croatia. Certainly, for the benefit and pride of Croatian society.


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