On the basis of traditional Zagreb gastronomic culture, we added a bit of Italian philosophy and way of life, and skillfully balanced with the trends of international cuisine. We spiced it all up with a great love of gastronomy and came to today’s Spizza.

When we put together the menu we didn’t go wide. Why? Deliberately! To provide the guest with only the best meal made from top quality ingredients. A pi zza? Real full-fat gouda cheese, real mozzarella, pure tomato tomatoes, the best dried meat products of Pik Vrbovec: ham in a wrapper, bacon, neck, Beljski kulen… Top Italian prosciutto… Everything to create a unique and unrepeatable taste! Good apetite!!!


Palinovečka 19

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510

E-mail: info@divan.hr