SoHo sushi rolls & poké bowls

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SoHo sushi rolls & poké bowls is located inside the Good Food bar at Palmotićeva 2. SoHo is a place where visitors can truly get to know the original flavors of Japan, somewhat adapted to the Croatian area, primarily thanks to the head chef, top sushi master Motohiko Mochizuki. In addition to nigiri sushi with raw tuna, salmon and Japanese gof, which could be described as 'mostly Japanese sushi', there are a number of other fun and sympathetic sushi dishes, such as uramaki with spicy or crispy tuna, fragrant teriyaki chicken and soft and warm prawns in tempura.

SoHo sushi rolls & poké bowls

Palmotićeva 2

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510