Socio-cultural center Sesnaestica

The socio-cultural center "Šesnaestica" was created in response to the lack of gender-aware and socially engaged spaces, programs and content intended for the local population of Trešnjevka. It was founded in a long-neglected public space at the address Ozaljska 16, which was awarded to the K-zone association for use by the end of 2021 at a public tender of the City of Zagreb.

The space was ceremoniously opened in October 2017 during the Vox Feminae Festival, and in the coming period they want to open it except for their own programs for all those interested in creating non-profit social and cultural content for the local population; with special emphasis on encouraging the visibility of local actors, associations of initiatives and socially responsible companies, and programs aimed at women, youth, LGBTIQ people and other marginalized groups.

If you want to use the Sixteen space for user-charged events, this can be done if it does not conflict with the vision and mission of the K-zone. In addition to paying the annual membership fee, users of the content to be charged undertake to provide one free place at the event, which the K-zone will provide to one of its associate members or readers of the portal. It is worth noting that non-profit activities have an advantage when booking appointments.

In Šesnaestica you can: organize presentations, lectures, tribunes or press conferences, exhibitions and artistic performances, creative gatherings and workshops that encourage quality spending of free time, education, rehearsals, meetings and creative and operational planning and everything else, in agreement with K-zone, which does not conflict with the core values of the association.

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Ozaljska 16

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