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Located at the foot of green hills, along the river Gradna, which is always bubbling, Samobor is one of the best preserved towns in northern Croatia and is visited daily by many visitors from Zagreb, who like to sit in one of the cafes on the main Samobor square and enjoy the famous Samobor cream puffs. offered by all city patisseries. Lovers of works of art, handicrafts and old crafts in Samobor will have a lot of interesting things.

The works of one of the most beloved contemporary painters are collected in the Zlatko Prica Gallery, and more recent photographic works in the Lang Photo Gallery. With a colorful collection of folk costumes in the City Museum in the town of Samobor, there is really something to see. Samobor is also a perfect place for a pleasant walk in nature. If you take one of the wooded paths that lead you uphill to Anindol and continue through the forest, at the end of the road you will be greeted by a dramatic scene of the ruined Samobor Old Town dating from the 13th century.

An excellent time to visit Samobor is Carnival time, especially the last weekend before Carnival Tuesday, when the city comes to life with the passage of merry carnival processions and when many masked visitors participate in carnival festivities.

The team is on Japetić

Near Samobor to the west lies the Samobor Mountains, a small mountain range rich in dense forests and glades at the top, an ideal destination for day trips.

The highest point of the Samobor hills is 879 m high Japetić, which can be reached after a two-hour walk from Šoić's house, a favorite picnic restaurant with recreational facilities.

At the extreme southeastern point of the mountains rises the steep Okić with the ruins of one of the most powerful Croatian medieval fortifications at the top. On the slopes of Okić is the Ethno House under Okić, a private museum located in a renovated village house where you can see various traditional objects and costumes.

PHOTO: Vladimir Bogovcic


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