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Ladislav Račić Music School is a non-profit institution founded and owned by Ladislav Račić, prof. and is registered to perform the activities of a primary music school, a secondary music school for youth and adults.

The school realizes educational programs in cooperation with the Ribnjak Youth Center , Park Ribnjak 1, an institution under the auspices of which the famous choirs Zvjezdice and Klinci s Ribnjak were formed.

On the occasion of 15 years of work, the Croatian Music Union awards the Rock Academy for a music-educational program of popular and jazz music. Since its founding in 1992, the Rock Academy and its founder, Ladislav Račić, have persistently shown the public and professionals that the styles of popular music and its performers deserve respect such as the so-called art music. The very inauguration of elementary and high school for popular and jazz music speaks volumes about it.

The Rock Academy and its founder Ladislav Račić received an award in 2009 for their exceptional contribution to the education of young musicians. This award has been given for six years by Megamuzika from Zagreb, a representative of world-renowned manufacturers of musical instruments and electroacoustic equipment Fender and Roland .

The school is a member of the International Association of Jazz Schools (IASJ) ,

Rock Academy

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