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Here, more or less everything revolves around craft beer, wines of Croatian winemakers and brandies of small family producers.

Owner Škorić says that he wants to dedicate himself to educating his guests "about good alcohol". "We have always taught people about good alcohol and we will continue to do so here, just a little more complex. There will be winemakers who will present their wines, bartenders who will make signature cocktails and other experts ", says Škorić.

The part that guests can spice up their own drinks sounds especially cool. “Outside, on the terrace, there is a nice box. We arranged the spices there. And then when the guest orders gin and tonic, he gets scissors, so he can add spices to his own taste, ”he explains.

Beer prices, depending on the brand, range between 20 and 25 kuna for half a liter, bottles of wine usually cost from 90 to 160 kuna, while brandies are 10 kuna. He warns that you can't count on commercial music in his bar. “From live music, we have jam sessions in which we play funk, soul, gipsy jazz and smooth jazz. We also organize rockabilly concerts, and classics are not excluded either, ”he says.

Apart from the basement, the restaurant also has a terrace, where Škorić and his friends arranged the furniture themselves.

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