The rhythm of the city

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The image of the bar is already supported by strong communication support through an open internet line and screen technology, which will become a point of contact between the urban and the real with the virtual and fun. We achieved the technical and technological preconditions for this image of the restaurant by choosing one of the two leading world manufacturers in mobile communication.

The design of the interior of the restaurant is suitable for the exclusive location of the building, at the same time it is focused on the effect of experiencing the space and the city together, and then evoking and remembering that experience.

The interior of the restaurant reflects the silhouette of the city of Zagreb, which extends through the entire space of the restaurant.

In this way, the desired or targeted image became seemingly connected images of the city of Zagreb or its "imagebility" painted on the walls of the bar that surround the bar, closing an angle greater than 180 degrees.

Images of prominent landmarks and landmarks of the city, its hubs, famous roads or ordinary buildings and apartment buildings mix on the substrates of the walls and create different visual shapes. The kaleidoscope of the restaurant effectively ends with a somewhat enlarged and brightly highlighted image of the Zagreb Cathedral, behind which literally stands a living-real cathedral.

Creating a kaleidoscope effect, the ultimate meaning of these "images of the city" is "wayfinding" – finding the right path to the heart and soul of the city, to its identity through a reliable guarantor – a representative of the city, a place that provides "The image of the city". Finally, all these visual elements, virtual and real, are supported by our concept of experiencing an urban landscape in which visitors and guests like all of us, actually create mental, experientially created maps of the city instead of the cartographic one.

Cognitive maps are a natural, human-innate system of information organization that integrates all of his brain functions such as sense of words, music, images, logic, colors, and relationships in space.

It is the desire that the Rhythm of the city and its "The image of the city" be a striking and memorable place for citizens and visitors to the city

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The rhythm of the city

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Matina Tenžera

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