Raclette Perica


The house "Raclette Perica" is a continuation of the story created in 2012 in Vrbik, when Saša Frid opened a small, family restaurant where he offered homemade, delicious snacks every day. After the restaurant itself closed in August 2015, the story continues at Zagreb's Advent, but this time Saša puts his original idea in front of his audience – Swiss raclette; of course, with the standard offer "from the cottages": sausages, mulled wine, beer and brandy.

It is Raclette that is the dish they recommend from the cottage.


We are the only ones at Advent who offer this, and the production itself is a total visual show. For cheese lovers, this is an ideal dish, and the cheese is melted over sausages and potatoes ", they tell us proudly.

Raclette Perica

Trg kralja Tomislava

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Matina Tenžera

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