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PON-PET: 7:00-23:00
SUB: 8:00-23:00
NED: 9:00-23:00

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– The bar program is designed as a place for pleasant daily socializing with a cup of good coffee, what is known to our cultural circle. Of course, in addition to coffee, you can also relax with a cup of tea from the Green Tea House, and 'reprogram' with a glass of wine or craft beer from our offer. The bar program is intended for everyone who wants a relaxed atmosphere, a good cup of coffee or casual socializing with a few alcoholic drinks. Our intention is also to provide visitors with a dose of art by sporadically changing the layout of art installations and thus provide young artists with an exhibition space – says the owner and adds that the focus of the bar is on coffee, and they offer three types of coffee.

"We have Lavazza's super cream for fans of coffee with milk or milder espresso, 100% Arabica, hand-picked coffee from Ethiopia for those who drink espresso and always come back to it, and finally, decaffeinated coffee at a time when it's too early for some gin on offer. , and too late for a classic espresso ”, adds Sasa Žerajić.

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Martićeva 14f

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510