Split is a city of sports, art, rich history and heritage. But Split is also a city of youth, a city full of heart, luxury and beauty.

One of such beauties, to which the people of Split have added the name of beauty with their temperament, is Poljudska ljepotica .

City stadium, built in 1979, in a beautiful part of town, Poljud. In all its splendor, in the shape of a shell, it fits, as if it has been there since ancient times, into the views of the Mediterranean milieu, which is almost reached by sea waves. Architecturally, it is a facility that with its functionality and technical features belongs to the top of world standards and can proudly handle stadiums built around the world.

Numerous events took place there, meetings of Mediterranean athletes, records in athletics were broken, Hajduk hosted European and world teams. There was cheering, there was rejoicing, there was anger, because Split has a temperamental fan audience, Mediterranean open, defiant.

There is the famous Torcida, a faithful follower of Hajduk's victories and defeats. It is a magical stadium, illuminated with 630 floodlights, reminiscent of a just-launched spaceship at night. It is adorned with the voice of one of the best lit stadiums in the world. And so "from shell to ship", the stadium was built in 1979, as part of the construction of sports facilities for VIII. Mediterranean Games. It was a demanding sporting event that gained the reputation of a top-class sporting event. Games remain registered in sports facilities, especially in the stadium, which was described as a "miracle".

For indeed, he enticed the eyes of both the curious but also the expert.

The author of the project, Professor Dr. Boris Magaš , created a magnificent concrete structure that fascinates with the span of the dome, which overhangs the east and west stands. The capacity of seats on "Poljudska ljepotica" is about 35,000. The feeling of boiling Poljud is difficult to describe, it should be felt and experienced, of course with the immortal Hajduk.

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