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NED-UTO: 11:00 - 00:00 / SRI-SUB: 11:00 - 02:00

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We stand united. The two forces have teamed up to bring festival life into the city.

The sidewalk is a place where people can gather, talk, cool off, drink, share, sing and dance. A base for people with the same interests as us, a center where we can stimulate all our senses.

We want to bring together crazy hearts, artists, music lovers and wonders. Our goal is to make you feel at home in our collective living room, where we can enjoy our passions.

Music: PDV Records has found its permanent residence on the first floor of the building. Listen to a recording with a beer, experience the solitude of headphones, enjoy the scenery or cool off on the couch. Go downstairs to chat and hang out with friends or go to the basement at night for a DJ on the appropriate sound system.

Art: Visual contribution has always been important at entertainment. We invited Ana Šafar to design the interior of the bar, she transformed the ground floor into a place to relax and feel at home, while the basement became a multi-purpose space, from a temporary art gallery to a cozy disco.

Drinks: In addition to quality in music and sound, we also enjoy the qualities of drinks and food. We’ve made you a special selection of the best beers, wines and spirits, and for non-alcoholics or detoxists we have several organic choices. It’s more than just a store or bar, it’s a lifestyle and a concept idea and we want to share that with you!

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Međimurska ulica 21

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510