The blue world

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A playroom that encourages creative expression and imagination through free play.

A lot of daily activities can be too much for one toddler, so it is good to give him free time to play and watch how his small and magical world develops creatively! That is why the foundation of the Blue World is spontaneous learning and development through carefree play, which makes kids have fun and prepare for future challenges!

In the Blue World, children enjoy unstructured play, which encourages curiosity, thinking, resourcefulness in solving challenges and teamwork. In doing so, we use innovative Imagination Playground equipment. Children use it to put together, combine and explore. In this way, through the game, they release their creativity and gain a basis for the development of STEM skills.

In an attractively decorated and safe space, your children will enjoy quality play under the watchful eye of our experienced animators. Children are not given the framework of the game or instructions on how to put something together – we leave the game entirely to the little masters, and the animators are there to guide and help them when they get stuck.

We take special care of space hygiene and disinfection of equipment, so that your little ones are completely safe.

You can leave your child at play every day, without notice. The child can stay in the playroom for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. While your child is in the playroom, you can use your time for your own errands, have a coffee in a nearby café or watch your child play in the playroom lobby.

You can check the price list here , and the opening hours at the bottom of the page.

PS Children in the play area stay in socks. Please in the summer months when children wear sandals, flip flops, etc. make sure you always have one pair of socks on hand to wear in the playroom. 🙂

The blue world

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