Budweiser Pub

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The Budweiser pub, led by chef Srđan Stanković, offers you a unique gourmet pleasure with Leskovac barbecue specialties. In addition to the traditional grilled dishes: Gourmet burger, Bagel with cream, Stuffed drumstick, Stuffed hanger in a handkerchief, Stuffed kebabs, Sandwich with onion, Meat donuts, Burger stuffed with cheese, Baked beans, Leskovac sausage smo we also included Beefsteak in the offer of wild mushrooms and Beefsteak in pepper sauce. We also offer pizzas, lasagna, pasta, risotto, fish dishes, breadcrumbs, dishes and salads. We organize tamburitza evenings every Friday and Saturday! Enjoy the best barbecue and entertainment until the morning with a rich selection of beer, wine, exotic brandies and other drinks. When you want to please your palate, let the Budweiser pub be your destination. Original recipes, in a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant ambience are the ideal recipe for the perfect meal. Every working day, a new daily menu is waiting for you.

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Budweiser Pub

Heinzelova 17

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Matina Tenžera

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