Maksimir Park


Maksimir Forest Park , the first in Southeast Europe , was opened in 1794 on the initiative of Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovec . In 1839 . it was arranged in the English landscape style by Bishop Juraj Haulik . The architectural structures are mostly the work of the builder Franjo Schücht . In the park of 316 hectares, the flora and fauna of lowland forests have been preserved, and there are also five lakes (both natural and artificial).

At the southern end of the park-forest is the Zagreb Zoo .

The name of the park is also borne by the city district, which includes the territory of nearby city settlements, and the GNK Dinamo stadium .

In Maksimir Park grows a pedunculate oak known as "Dedek", about 600 years old. It is located near Mogila.

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Maksimir Park

Maksimirski perivoj

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