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Confectionery Orient How did Zagreb love the Orient?

If any Zagreb confectionery was constantly talked about in the late 1930s, it was the Orient. From the first day back in 1936, when Zulfi Tahiri bought the patisserie from the then owner, the Orient has become synonymous with afternoon easy walks and going out for cake, cakes or ice cream.

Quality home-made ingredients, originality that sweetened Zagreb with unseen flavors and recipes and a lot of love for work, which has always spread from the Orient with fine scents, were the recipe for mutual love between the Orient and Zagreb.

For decades, Orient's desserts complemented important and less important events in the life of the people of Zagreb, accompanied by romantic dates, sweets with grandma, and Orient's homemade ice cream for various ages with very specific flavors cooled summer and Sunday afternoons.

We try to keep that connection today.

How does the Orient seduce you today?

The Orient today, after more than 8 decades, is not giving up on its principles. Therein lies the secret of its quality, and in its quality the divinity of the taste of Orient's sweets. At the same address, but with a modernized interior, Orient has remained faithful to its true love of confectionery and the claim that top products are created by a combination of quality ingredients and a good recipe.

So even today we produce puff pastry for baklava, and our homemade ice cream is without any artificial additives. We continued to nurture another characteristic of ours, and that is innovation. We always invent the original flavors of ice cream and desserts, experiment with very demanding flavors such as chilli and beer, and inscribe creativity in the names of desserts.

True to the tradition of quality and innovation, we also have our modern side: soon webshop will be available on this site where you will be able to order your cake and pick it up at the agreed time, at the agreed location.

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