Hangover Museum

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UTO-NED: 13:00 - 21:00

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The world's first hangover museum

This unforgettable place of forgetful events is a project of a group of students conceived as a drunken return home – from the city streets, sidewalks to the eventual arrival at home where, if you are lucky, wake up in the morning.

The idea of this unique museum was born during an evening out, when students Rino Duboković and Roberta Mikelić, together with the company, set out to retell their own stories about drunkenness. Soon a cheerful atmosphere accompanied by screams of laughter led them to the idea: a museum where drunken and hangover stories would be exhibited with one object that would best present it.

The realization of the idea was helped by students who chose the space, lighting, painted the walls, but also sent stories. The atmosphere of a drunken journey home will be evoked by four rooms, and the adventure begins by entering the Museum, where the first stop of the journey, which begins by exiting a stuffy club or bar, is visually evoked.

The stories are exhibited in both Croatian and English at the same time.

The ticket price is 25 kn, while students will have to pay 20 kn.

Hangover Museum

Preradovićeva ulica 8

created by


Ria Beglerbegović


E-mail: ria@divan.fyi