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Today, the MM Center operates within the program concept of Culture of Change SC and with the program revitalization started in 2015 it becomes a specialized cinema that pays attention to innovative film currents, following the currents of contemporary production, but also classic achievements that have left an indelible mark on various world cinemas.

He pays special attention to domestic and foreign short films, as well as experimental and art films. MM offers a unique film experience of carefully selected programs in collaboration with established domestic and foreign film curators. The two main film projects of the MM Center are Kratke slike and Klubivzija SC, with which the MM Center also hosts a number of festivals such as Human Rights Film Festival, Student Film Review, 25 FPS Festival, Student cuts festival, Invisible Film Festival… With the support of the Ministry of Culture was digitized in September 2016, thus opening the possibility of following all currents of contemporary cinema. In addition to screening programs, the MM Center hosts a number of educational projects related primarily to the technical knowledge needed to create and show films (workshops for cinematographers, work with 16 and 8 mm projector / film, etc.).

MM centar has been a member of the Croatian Network of Independent Cinemas since 2015.

In addition to audiovisual culture programs, the MM Center hosts numerous other SC Culture Change projects, from theater performances, concerts to workshops and lectures.

MM center

Savska 25

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Matina Tenžera

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