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MiniPolis – Interactive children's city

MiniPolis is an interactive educational theme park for children from 2 to 12 years old and their parents, teachers and other adults who accompany them on this unique adventure of learning through fun .

On a total area of about 1,000 m2, children enjoy a real small town where, through play, in a safe and adapted way, they get to know the world of adults through 40+ themed houses: From visits to the airport and shops, through work with the cash register to exciting moments in a fire or police station, a visit to a doctor or dentist, and imaginative moments in a television or journalism studio.

At MiniPolis, children learn about the many occupations they encounter in everyday life, take on the roles of adults who are not available or safe in the real world due to their age, and develop imagination and a sense of teamwork.

Babypolis – for children under 2 years

For the youngest, children under 2 years of age, we have designed a BabyPolis specially designed and equipped corner with didactic and educational content for babies.

A specially designed corner for babies, it is equipped for safe play by children under 2 years of age who are not yet ready to explore MiniPolis on their own. Toys available to the youngest at BabyPolis are carefully selected, tested and made from natural materials to be safe and healthy for babies.

The concept of MiniPolis was designed with the cooperation of child psychologists and pedagogues , always putting the safety of children first. The staff of MiniPolis is available at all times to provide all visitors with easier access to activities and provide a better experience and experience of this small town.

MiniPolis CAFE

At MiniPolis Cafeé you will find your favorite place to hang out over coffee, a healthy drink, ice cream, a sweet and savory snack. MiniPolis Café is intended for parents and other adults who accompany children when visiting MiniPolis, as well as children who can take a short break from play here.

MiniPolis Cafe is located near our birthday parties. Every birthday celebration is marked with balloons in the MiniPolis Cafe so that parents and other guests, after a walk through our city, know where to stay.

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