With an invisible connection, the Mano restaurant and the Glyptothek have grown into a great artistic tandem. Creating a vision, Mano remained true to the initial, very clear idea of the restaurant, which through its intimate world constantly presents all the possibilities of gastronomy. As a true innovator, Mano culturally and in terms of content continues to build the former splendor of Zagreb's industrial heritage of the 19th century, thus becoming a leader in culinary evolution.

Restaurant Mano was opened in 2005 with the aim of setting world standards in gastronomy with high quality local ingredients. Mano thus created a clearly recognizable fusion of different international culinary experiences mixed with a range of local cultural gastronomic influences shaped by natural resources. Mano is a classic crossover kitchen that provides a unique gourmet experience and does not hesitate to constantly question the possibilities of sensory pleasures.

We pay perfect attention to all the details around the guest, starting from the preparation, arrival, cooking, serving food and departure of the guest, but all this unobtrusively and very carefully so that the guests have their intimacy.

Refined and clear flavors, presented on natural textures creating harmony, are the protective culinary stamp of the chef, Ivan Tomašević. With youthful directness and ambition, since coming to the restaurant, Ivan Tomašević has continued to successfully develop the factory of culinary ideas created under the Mano brand.


Medvedgradska 2

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510