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Mala scena is the leading Croatian theater for children and youth, according to the number of audiences and performances and the number of awards that their plays have won in the country and abroad.

The theater is private, the founders are Vitomira Lončar and Ivica Šimić.

The mission of the Small Stage is to offer children and young people theatrical art as an integral part of their upbringing. Their mission is to establish communication and dialogue with the audience on topics that interest and occupy them, ask questions, question everyday life and send messages of encouragement and hope.

The small stage wants to promote new ideas and forms in theater for young audiences in accordance with the sensibility of the time and contemporary theatrical knowledge.

The small stage in the next strategic period wants to consolidate its place as a leading theater for young audiences in the country and the region.

In the future, Mala scena is seen as an organization that generates new knowledge, with an emphasis on education through workshops, seminars, scientific, professional research and exhibitions, and printed publications in the Mala scena Library.

In organizational terms, the Small Stage is seen in the future as an organization based on the knowledge of its management and continuing education that will bring new ways of management through new insights.

At the end of the strategic period, the small stage expects to expand its spatial resources, and at the same time begins the process of transferring authority from the founders to the new theater managers.

The auditorium of the hall has a capacity of 150 seats (160 if necessary). There is one wheelchair space in the hall whose arrival must be announced in advance. The theater has a wheelchair access facility.

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Small stage

Medveščak 2

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