Kvaternik Square


Kvaternik Square was created at the beginning of the 20th century as a peripheral area of the Lower Town. It was the place where the "toll house" was located, a kind of "customs house" for the purpose of collecting taxes on goods for sale and checking newcomers. It was simply the end of Vlaška Street and a kind of end of the city. With the end of Wallachia, Mašna (today's Domjanićeva) merged, so the square was also called Međašnim. It was named so long after it was named after Eugen Kvaternik from Zagreb (1825-1871), a persistent and unwavering fighter for Croatian independence, who was killed in the unfortunate Rakovica uprising in 1871. But it must be said that the name "square at the end of the city" seems to have been very well affected because it did not change in any radical change of street names derived after that during the 20th century.

Today, there is a flower market on this square, and in its vicinity there are restaurants and shops with a quality offer. Often this square is the scene of cultural events, at any time of year.

Kvaternik Square

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