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Chenoa House

The House of Šenoa is a synonym for the cultural heritage created by members of the Šenoa family through four generations – during 182 years of living in Zagreb. These are:

Johannes Schöynoha and Alois Schönoa (grandfather and father of Augusta Šenoa) August Šenoa Slava Šenoa (wife of Augusta Šenoa) Milan Šenoa and Branko Šenoa (sons of Augusta Šenoa) Vera Šenoa (wife of Milan Šenoa) Nasta Rojc (wife of Branko Šenoa) Dear Šenoa Vabić Augusta Šenoa) Zdenko Šenoa (only grandson of Augusta Šenoa) Marija Šenoa (wife of Zdenko Šenoa)

Šenoa's house is also the area where their legacy is located, and it is a family house in Zagreb, Mallinova 27, next to Jurjevski park and Becić's stairs.

The Šenoa family collection was declared a cultural property by the Ministry of Culture and is kept in the records of movable cultural property of the Republic of Croatia, under number Z-4742. The Šenoa House in Zagreb, Mallinova 27 is an immovable cultural property and is entered in the List of Protected Cultural Heritage under number Z-730.

In addition, the House of Šenoa is the name of the author's project of Jasmine Reis, the heiress to the legacy of the Šenoa family, which includes a number of activities throughout the year, related to the character and work of August Šenoa and all our Šenoa. A special part of the Šenoa House project is intended for primary and secondary school students.

Even during the life of Zdenko Šenoa, the only grandson of August Šenoa, we listed the entire legacy of each member of the Šenoa family, deeply aware of its value and importance not only for our family but also for our entire homeland Croatia. With the death of Zdenko Šenoa in 2005, we unfortunately lost our last blood relationship with August Šenoa.

But we, his family, continued to work with our mother and grandmother, Maria Chenoa, to preserve the family heritage. She was tireless in that, and we were curious and diligent students. We read several times all the works of August and Milan Šenoa, family diaries and letters. We studied the lives of their contemporaries and friends, photo albums. Learning history again. We spent hours and hours in the Croatian State Archives, searching, studying, discovering…

We are now ready to share with you at the House of Šenoa what we have preserved and learned, and further, with your help, pass on to new generations the knowledge of the Šenoa family and its great contribution to the cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Chenoa House

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