KSS Burger One


A new burger bar has opened in the Siget district of Zagreb, behind which stands the famous Croatian rapper and pioneer of the domestic hip-hop scene

In the Siget district of Zagreb, at Froudeova 7, a new burger bar called "KSS Burger One" was opened, behind which stands the famous local rapper and pioneer of the domestic hip-hop scene Renato Đošić Renman.

The new burger bar has already attracted a lot of attention from fans of great burgers on the first day of opening. According to Renman himself, the new gastronomic place is "a symbiosis of many years of experience gained in various kitchens throughout Croatia, cooking TV shows and a true love for juicy and quality burgers."

Such burgers are served in the KSS Burger One bar, and guests can choose between several flavors and thus choose their favorite – classic, cheese, chicken and country. When preparing burgers in KSS Burger One, great attention is paid to the quality of food, so they use only high-quality meat, delicious pastries and juicy sauces. This whole "delicious story" comes with reasonable prices ranging from 40 to 50 kuna, and with burgers is included a side dish – the inevitable french fries.

Behind Renman, apart from music, he now has a serious gastronomic career. The famous Zagreb musician has dedicated himself to his great passion and hobby in the last few years – cooking. It is not surprising, therefore, that he was also engaged as a chef at numerous gastronomic events and houses at Zagreb's Advent, such as Rougemarin's famous chef Marin Medak, the Strange Forest of the Sick Brothers and the popular Burger Fest.

Numerous guests of the newly opened bar, which is open every day except Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm, will be able to appreciate his culinary skills in making burgers, and he has introduced delivery for everyone who wants to enjoy a delicious burger from the comfort of their own home.

KSS Burger One

Froudeova 7

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510

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