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PON-ČET: 9:00-16:00, 20:00-00:00
PET: 9:00-16:00, 21:00-1:00
SUB: 22:00-3:00
NED: 20:00-200:00

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KSET is the oldest student club in this area. It was founded in 1969 by several students of the then ETF.

By moving to the former faculty boiler room in 1976, KSET became a haven for the alternative scene, a place to socialize over coffee, chess, a movie or go out to a concert, auditorium and play.

In its 40 years of existence in the boiler room, the Club has hosted numerous renowned domestic and foreign leaders, and has been a springboard for many demo bands. KSET's repertoire often included numerous auditoriums, performances, guest appearances, exhibitions, workshops, courses and schools, as well as the largest FER Freshmen's Fair and Job Fair – a job fair for technology students.

The entire program of the Club is organized and realized by almost 300 volunteers of the non-profit student association, the FER Student Union, operating through 9 sections (Bike, Disco, Drama, Photo, Music, Mountaineering, Computer, Technical and Video).


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