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Zagreb has been given a new place that combines the tastes of different cultures.

Enjoy real homemade burgers, Italian piadinas, Japanese teriyaki chicken, oriental wraps and a unique Bubble tea that comes to us even from Taiwan šŸ™‚

We at Koykan love to discover new flavors and delicacies from various parts of the world.

Each culture has its own dishes, spices and a specific way of preparing food that are unique to that climate and their culinary tradition. Our vision is to stay true to authentic recipes and traditional ways of preparing meals and offer you a wide selection of flavors from different cultures. From a sincere passion and love for various culinary delights, the idea of Koykan as a place where you can enjoy the world's finest delicacies and always discover new flavors has arisen.

In the third month of 2012, we opened our first bar in Gajeva and started culinary discoveries with piadinas, bubble tea and terryaki sticks. After the extremely great interest of the people of Zagreb for new global flavors, we have expanded our range to gyros, burrito, quesadilla, quiche, stewsā€¦ Whatever you have suggested and requested, we have enchanted for you! Our chefs try new flavors of world cuisines every day and look for dishes they can share with you.

Each dish is prepared immediately after your order, with always fresh and quality ingredients. We personally choose each ingredient and create recipes that stick to traditional ways of preparation. In Koykan, with a rich selection of flavors and world aromas, you can be sure that all our dishes are always fresh and created from the highest quality ingredients. Every day we offer freshly baked ciabatta, flatbreads and burgers, according to our own recipe and without any additives or preservatives.

Koykan World Food

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