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Bakery Korica respects and follows the masterful way of baking bread

The cover is located in two locations; Preradovićeva 39 and Martićeva 19. In addition to buying real bread, you can also drink specialty coffee here while enjoying the fine snacks of their cruffins, croissants, chocolate tart, banana bread…

All products are made by hand, with traditional and authentic methods of preparation, using the culture of wild yeast older than 40 years. To ensure a rich taste and texture, the dough spends up to 48 hours fermenting and developing before baking.

They make real bread®, bread unadulterated by additives and unnecessary mechanical treatment, bread consisting only of flour, water, yeast, salt and time.

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Preradovićeva 39

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510