Kolding Caffe & Cocktail Bar

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In the very center of Zagreb, hidden from prying eyes, is the Kolding coffee bar, a real oasis in the middle of the city noise. Unique in its decoration and the intimacy it provides to its visitors, it has long since stood out from the crowd and become a recognizable place for socializing and drinking your favorite beverage in a pleasant atmosphere.

Due to the uniqueness and originality of the arrangement, it is not only a space for business meetings, but also a gathering place for Zagreb residents of all generations. The interior of the main space is dominated by a wall lined with a photograph of the city with anchored ships. Palm trees have been planted inside the space, and thanks to the large amount of light, it seems as if you are watching from the terrace the soothing Mediterranean scene of the city with beautiful old facades, as well as people enjoying a walk along the coastal place.

The brick-lined side wall gives the impression of warmth, and thanks to the plants and trees that literally grow over it, you have the feeling that it is a continuation of the city from the picture. The overall impression is completed by friendly waiters and drinks ordered to measure and taste.

The peculiarity of this story is hidden in the ambience hidden from the view of passers-by, in the lower level of the space. Baroque decorated with antique furniture and lighting that gives a dose of romance, this part is the complete opposite of the interior on the first floor.

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Kolding Caffe & Cocktail Bar

Petra Berislavića 8

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510

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