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"For half a century, the Zagreb restaurant 'Kod Pere' has been a favorite place among the people of Zagreb. Why this is so could best be explained by our grandparents to whom Perin's restaurant in Šalata was like a living room back there, in the early seventies.

This cult restaurant, a kind of Zagreb institution, used to be called "Izletište Pri Schlosserovim stubama", and since 2015, when Mr. Pero Miladin died and the restaurant was taken over by his son, it has been officially renamed "Kod Pere".

This warm place in Zagreb certainly has the most spectacular view – on the roofs of Old Wallachia, and every day they offer traditional Croatian cuisine, such as duck with grinders, pasticada, homemade soups, and visitor comments speak volumes about its quality.

'Great food, friendly and cordial staff and affordable prices, all in a beautifully decorated bar. Phenomenal ', is just one of the many positive comments about the cult restaurant, which has been at the very top of the Zagreb catering scene for half a century, and we hope that it will stay there for a long time to come. ”

Nikol Boljfetić for Zagreb.info

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Kod Pere

Rubetićeva 25

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