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As of April 22, 2017, the August Cesarac Center for Culture and Film becomes a user of the Kinoteka cinema, which returns the hall to cultural activities and puts it back into the function of basic film and screening activities.

The building in which the hall is located was built in 1941, and films have been shown in it from the very beginning. Later, the space was managed by the Center for Film and Film Culture of the National University of the City of Zagreb. Since 1974, the cinema library program has been shown on the big screen in cooperation with the then Yugoslav Cinematheque. After the termination of this cooperation during the Homeland War, the space was managed by Filmoteka 16 or Zagreb film. After their merging, a contemporary repertoire program begins to be shown. Only high-quality titles are chosen for showing in the Cinematheque.

The hall functions as a cinema until the last screening on December 21, 2005, after which the space is returned to the owner – the Parish of St. Blaž, under whose management it was from 2006 to 2017.

The Cinematheque has achieved the status of a cult place for film lovers through the diversity and quality of the film program through all film management structures in its history. The cafe space in the lobby of the cinema hall still exudes a specific atmosphere of noble patina in a semi-hidden ambience that has an indelible place in the life of Zagreb's social life.


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