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Kinoklub Zagreb was established in 1928 as a cinema section of the Photo Club Zagreb, which makes it the oldest amateur film club in Southeast Europe. Today, Kinoklub Zagreb operates as an amateur film platform that supports complete copyright freedom, with free access to film knowledge and tools, enabling all interested citizens to engage in film.

During the 90 years of its existence, the goal of the Cinema Club has remained the same – the production and promotion of film amateurism. Precisely because of that, Kinoklub Zagreb has become a gathering place for film enthusiasts, as well as former amateurs who have developed into professionals, and even today its work attracts and encourages new talents. In fact, the greatest significance of the Cinema Club lies in its members and their production impulse. In addition to enabling the creation of the film, the club also takes care of its realization – each completed film enters the impressive tradition of club creativity and each author becomes a participant in club history, and thus the history of Croatian film. By archiving films, we enable their lives in the future as well.

In addition to the production and distribution of amateur films, Kinoklub Zagreb organizes various film workshops for its members, as well as screenings open to the public. He is also the founder of the One Take Film Festival and a member of the international NISI MASA network, which brings together young professionals, students and film lovers across Europe.

Cinema Club Zagreb

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