Kebab House Rubel

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PON-ČET: 10:30-23:30
PET-SUB: 10:30-3:00
NED: 17:00-23:00

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091 634 5693

Kebab House Rubel

Praška 6


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Kebab House Rubelj is located in the center of Zagreb, near Ban Jelačić Square, more precisely in Marićev prolaz (the passage that connects Praška and Gajeva streets). The passage is well protected from the weather. Rain, snow, sun so it is not inconvenient to wait in line for your kebab. Come, we are waiting for you! We offer four types of Kebab. Veal, Mix beef-turkey, Chicken, MMIX-Coarsely ground beef with turkey and soon Lamb!

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Tel: +385 95 361 2122