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In the Caribbean Kaaawi coffee is much more than a morning beverage. A cup of artisan drink is a special ritual and gourmet experience for lovers, because once you taste a specialty, it is difficult to go back to the old. If you haven’t had a chance to try it before, keep in mind that coffee is a fruit so it often has a tempting sour note.

In the coffee shop in Trešnjevka, you drink arabica, which is more appreciated, more expensive and has less caffeine than robusta . You can also choose between single origin coffee or blend, as well as darker fried or more exotic ones. In addition to top singles in the Caribbean, the blend of Tanzania and Indonesia boasts. They are changing and supplementing the offer of coffee, and currently they have the one from the Cogito roastery in Zagreb, the Hungarian Casino Mocce , and they are also coming from Germany and Spain. They also arrived from Madrid and London. Their goal is to have the most diverse offer of specialty coffee.


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Karibu Kaaawa

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