Johann Franck

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PON-ČET: 8:00-2:00
PET-SUB: 8:00-4:00
NED: 8:00-00:00

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091 7838 153


A pleasant, warm space that combines the offer of a cafe, bistro and lounge bar – a place where you can drink the best coffee, taste dishes prepared from fresh ingredients from nearby Dolac, and in the evening relax with fun. It is about Johann Franck, the successor of the elegant "old town lady" of the City Café, who addresses the wider urban audience with a new concept and program content. The renovated space in the Bauhaus style retains the old look of the cafe in combination with modern architectural solutions, and through selected elements testifies to the rich history of the city of Zagreb and the importance and tradition of Zagreb cafes. Johann Franck will also be special in that guests will be able to enjoy a selection of ground coffees prepared in the way they are cooked in the household. The new concept of the café is based on the revitalization of the role and status that this cult Zagreb location once enjoyed as the center of the city's social life. The new offer and program are designed in the spirit of modern times and the modern way of entertainment; urban, entertainment and cultural content that will include "live" concert and DJ performances, dances, exhibitions, book promotions, screenings of classic films and themed evenings. Johann Franck will work all day, seven days a week.

Johann Franck

Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 9

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Matina Tenžera

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