Jellyfish In Space

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Jellyfish In Space

Martićeva ulica 71


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Jellyfish In Space – Street Food & Cocktail Bar Somewhere out there, there is a Jellyfish floating in space…

When NASA launched 2,000 jellyfish into space in 1991 (yes, it really did happen!), The jellyfish story became the story of merging human reach with a playful mind that would delight their guest with intriguing cocktails, ingenious food, and a relaxed atmosphere. That's why they say that somewhere high and far in space a jellyfish is floating…

Freedom and unencumberedness They create a relaxing atmosphere in which every guest feels comfortable and free. There are no measurements, bad intentions and wrong views. Just good food, drink and fun.

Intriguing cocktails and imaginative food Top service characterized by the offer and presentation of original cocktails from their skilled mixology masters and delicious food available all night.

They combine the incompatible They want to break the routine-filled everyday life. By merging seemingly incompatible things, in their story and the whole brand experience, they positively contribute to the new feelings and mood of their guests.

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Ria Beglerbegović

Tel: +385 95 3612 122