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Jadran film, a Croatian film company founded on September 10th. 1946 as a national film production studio with a republican scope for Croatia, created from the former Directorate for Croatia of the Film Company of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia (founded in May 1945).

Initially, it produced short documentaries and film magazines, but soon became the leading producer of feature films in Croatia. God. In 1954 and 1955, it was located in the Zagreb suburb of Dubrava, where film studios (studios, laboratories, sound devices) were built, which are 1956–62. operated as an independent company called Dubrava film, entering many international co-production projects.

Jadran film produced most of Croatia's feature films, and by 1956 118 short films, an activity which it left to Zagreb film and Zora film due to decentralization and specialization of production. The company's feature films won 11 first prizes at the Pula Film Festival, about 120 awards abroad and three Oscar nominations. Since the early 1990s, after privatization, the company has almost suspended its own production, maintaining only service jobs, primarily for television production.

Adriatic film

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