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The Croatian Society of Fine Artists is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan professional association whose members are artists of various artistic expressions and all generations. The association was founded in 1868 and since then, under various names, it has been operating continuously. The main goals and activities of the association are the encouragement of contemporary art, promotion and protection of freedom of art, organization of exhibitions, participation in preparations for the adoption of laws and regulations relating to art and the protection of social rights of artists.

The Croatian Society of Fine Artists annually organizes or participates in the organization of about forty exhibitions in four differently profiled gallery spaces, thus covering almost all segments of artistic expression – from major national and international events, to projects in new media close to the experiment.

Exhibitions are accompanied by lectures, workshops or project presentations, and the gallery spaces of the society are open to all kinds of artistic activity, from dance and performance to music and theater.



HDLU encourages the development of visual culture by taking care of the social and economic status of its members, encouraging artistic creativity and designing and implementing a dynamic exhibition program and international cooperation.


HDLU will develop into a highly specialized and exemplary professional association that will optimally and modernly develop the rights and livelihood of its members and set conceptual and organizational standards for the presentation of visual arts in the Republic of Croatia and the renovated Meštrović pavilion.

Croatian Society of Fine Artists

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