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If you've ever wondered what the gastronomic scene of Paris looked like in the late 1930s, you can recently find the answer in the 'heart' of Zagreb, more precisely on the most beautiful square in Zagreb with a view of the Croatian National Theater. The bistro is a new unique gastronomic time machine to Paris in the late 1930s, recently opened as an extension of the ‘indigenous’ Hemingway lounge bar. The French culinary movement, the so-called A bistronomie that combines the words ‘bistro’ and ‘gastronomie’, and whose direction involves all-day creative meals at reasonable prices. It was on the trail of this concept that Bistrot developed his menu – a playful imitation of the newspaper 'The Moveable Feast Jounal', inspired by the novel of the same name in which Hemingway skillfully conveys memoirs and anecdotes from the then Parisian gastro scene. With several separate units and dim lighting, the interior of the Hemingway lounge bar has been transformed into a comfortable, warm and intimate space where you can (still) drink espresso, browse your favorite newspaper, refresh yourself with Bloody Mary and most importantly – cheer up your palate from morning to night. In the charming Parisian inn with a Zagreb address, you can enjoy every working day from 8 am to 11 pm and on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.


The immediate vicinity of the Dolac market is the main ally of the 'A Moveable Feast Journal' menu, in which Italian, French and Zagreb cuisine is complemented by fresh local ingredients and changed according to the seasons. Created like a daily newspaper, Menu is a novel of the same name in which Ernest Hemingway reports in detail the anecdotes of wandering around Parisian restaurants. It is this reading that is the main backbone and inspiration of the renovated interior of the Hemingway lounge bar.

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Hemingway Bar & Bistrot

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