HALL – a new multimedia center in the wider center of Zagreb. The hall is a club, a concert hall, a catering facility and a congress center in one.

A new ideal place for organizing large events, which fully encompasses what no event space has so far:

a huge useful square footage of space with a total dimension of 1900 square meters for the implementation of various programs perfect spatial communication – the main zone a wide rectangle of 1600 square meters, and a side wide rectangle of 300 square meters; height to the ceiling is 7 m possibility of partitioning the space with curtains 4 large bar zones in planned positions 3 positions for stages with professional electricity connections (400 kw in total) bathroom with a total of 23 units equipped backstage space 60 private parking spaces 4 entrances, of which one of sufficient size for the import of a truck with 18 large glass roof openings through which natural light reaches the ambience of high industrial design location, location and location within one of the larger Zagreb business – residential zones


Heinzelova 96A

created by


Ria Beglerbegović


E-mail: ria@divan.fyi