Griffon bar


Grif Bar Zagreb is a novelty in the yard of Savska 160 and also a daily bar variant of Vintage Industrial. Grif will enchant you with its interior reminiscent of the living room of a world traveler, and with special offers, but also with an additional program, it will surely become one of your favorite places to escape, which can potentially result in a good time.

With a focus on nurturing beer and coffee during the day, we will offer you additional content (… various educations, forums, lectures, film screenings, film quiz, film screenings, presentation and listening to albums, poetry reading, art workshops, exhibitions photography, various themed evenings, DJ sessions, acoustic concerts…). Something for everyone.

Finally, a little trivia for those who want to know more: 'Grif' is an old Zagreb expression for 'being skilled in something', but also a synonym for a taproom. Namely, there are different meanings of Germanism 'grif'; first of all the markings for the handle that is associated with the one with which beer is poured from the draft, then the metaphors 'to have a griffin' or to have a skill such as brewing beer and 'to have a griffin' which would mean to have a routine, ie a situation under control. Your Grif crew.

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Griffon bar

Savska cesta 160

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510