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Garage Kamba

Ilica 37


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The Kamba garage project was created in 2017 in the old town of Zagreb, where it was transformed from a garage into a gallery during the Readymade Ilica event, with the aim of introducing contemporary and innovative artistic practices into the space of the old pseudo-architectural courtyard. During the exhibitions held in Kamba, the program took place in cooperation with craftsmen and residents of Ilica 37, who supported the project with their help and donated materials used for art production. The backbone of the gallery-garage program are contemporary settings in the format of a pop-up gallery, accompanied by conversations with artists exhibiting in Kamba in the ambience of a courtyard "living room", in fact a forum for exchanging experiences in the form of informal forums and discussions. The pop up gallery model with an emphasis on ambient art and multimedia installation is a form that corresponds to the appearance of the Kamba space precisely because of the original function of the space and the environment in which it is located, the garage, providing a unique opportunity to transcend the classic format of gallery space and exhibition. with the audience and offering the possibility of interaction and intervention of the same observers, as well as the current "window" from the city courtyard to the art exhibition.

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