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ULUPUH Gallery

Ilica 13, first floor

The Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts is a professional association that brings together members from all over Croatia, from all areas of visual arts that have a specific application (use value): theater and film (scenography, costume design, lighting design), architecture, horticulture, photography, caricature, illustration, comics, animated film and applied painting, industrial design, clothing design, textile creation, graphic design and visual communications, applied sculpture, design of precious metals, ceramics, porcelain and glass, restoration, art of multimedia and intermedia, etc. Within ULUPUH There is also a Study Section, whose members are prominent art critics and theorists of visual arts, as well as curators who work institutionally or independently (free-lance).

ULUPUH is a non-governmental, non-profit professional organization founded in 1886 as the Society for Arts and Crafts, and in 1950 it was registered as an independent association called the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts "Andrija Buvina". In 1966, the association changed its name to the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts of Croatia – ULUPUH. Since 1998, the association has been registered as the Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts – ULUPUH.

Objectives of ULUPUH development and stimulation of Croatian applied art and design; promotion and protection of freedom of fine arts and appropriate valorization of Croatian applied art and design; protection of works of applied arts and design and copyrights of its members; ensuring lasting influence in shaping cultural policy in Croatia; protection of professional dignity and improvement of the position of artistic professions and their holders in Croatian society, improvement of cooperation with other associations of artists in Croatia and abroad, especially protection of freedom of artistic creation, copyright, protection of moral and creative integrity of artists and social protection of artists.

ULUPUH Gallery

Ilica 13

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