Gallery Nova


Gallery Nova is a non-profit city gallery founded in 1975 by artists Ljerka Šibenik and Mladen Galić. The gallery was part of the Center for Cultural Activities of the Socialist Youth of Zagreb. In the 1970s, the gallery conducted a radical program of exhibitions, exhibiting a range of avant-garde modernist artists such as Aleksandar Srnec, Jo Klek and Exat 51, along with an emerging stage that included artists such as Goran Trbuljak. Braco Dimitrijević, Group of six authors, Mladen Stilinović, etc.

WHW has been running the gallery's program since 2003. The gallery is dedicated to researching, documenting, and producing knowledge of modernist and contemporary visual art practice and its expanded field. Based on a series of solo and group exhibitions and discursive programs (lectures, discussions, seminars), the program is designed as a continuous effort to re-actualize the political potential of artistic practice within a broader context. Over the past decade, the gallery has operated within several self-organized collaborative platforms. She tried to respond to the specific needs of the local scene, filling in areas that the dominant cultural production ignored. The gallery's program often reflects WHW's international long-term projects and opens their research processes to local audiences, covering a range of topics such as: socialist modernism, models of collectivism and self-organization, innovative cultural policies, exhibition policies, etc.

Gallery Nova

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